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This is the free companion app for Canviz, a wood-framed digital canvas for displaying art and photos. With this app you can setup a Canviz frame, add media to your frames (photos, videos, animated GIFs), control what plays (and when), all wirelessly via Bluetooth and WiFi. You can setup social media followings and your frame will automatically subscribe to content updates (from a Tumblr account for example). You can setup weather mode and your frame will display the local weather forecast as an animated poster. You can swipe to wirelessly send media from your phone to your frame. You can setup your frame as a network drive and wirelessly send media from your home computers to your frame. You can organize your frame media into collections and playlists. You can swipe up, down, left, or right in the now playing panel to like, dislike, and skip what is currently displaying on your frame. You can set your frame to automatically go to sleep and wake up on your schedule. You can control multiple frames from a single phone with this app. And much more!
Youll need a Canviz frame to use this app. To find out more about Canviz frames, visit our site:

Thank you and enjoy!